The working method of World Seed Program is characterized by cooperation and connection. The result is more than 'the sum of the parts'.

1. Cooperation

We believe in the power of cooperation. That is why we work together with local aid organizations that are familiar with the country, the people and the local customs. Organizations with their own projects, which a seed project can join. Through cooperation, we use the knowledge and experience already present and our projects reinforce each other. You can find more information about our projects on the "Results" page.

2. Employment

World Seed Program supplies seed packages that are tailored to the needs of the recipients. The assortment can differ per country. We send our seeds mainly from the Netherlands but sometimes also buy locally. The assembling of the seed packages is preferably done in the project country itself. This work is then outsourced to employment projects such as Prison Fellowship International. Employment is one of their points of attention in rehabilitation. By outsourcing this work, we offer employment in countries where unemployment is high and wages are low.

3. Work for own income

The cooperating aid organizations distribute the seeds to the people who need it the most. People without work often have no money for good seeds, but usually they do have some land and enough time to work this. The high germination power of our seeds ensures a good yield, even with a small piece of land. With the yield from a seed package, a family can provide for their own necessities of life and often there is even more. By selling the surplus on the local market, the family receives an income. When the the food prices are high, this now works in their advantage.