World Seed Program provides fruit and vegetable seeds to aid organizations worldwide with the aim to strengthen and to connect and to break the circle of poverty. Quality seeds strengthen people in their health, self-esteem and finances:

1. Health

Healthy food improves health and enables people to work. Fresh fruit and vegetables are therefor essential. By providing good seeds this is accessible to every family with a piece of land. Our experience is that most people are willing to work for their own income, but that they often lack jobs and good health. With good seeds we break this circle of poverty.

2. Self-esteem

Working for one's own income reinforces people's self-esteem. People no longer depend on someone else's help but become self-sufficient in their own livelihood. The seeds that we provide are (non-hybrid) seeds from which new seeds can be taken, one seed package provides to sow and harvest for several years. This annual opportunity for sowing and harvesting offers hope and confidence in a better future.

3. Extra income

A seed package means a lot for a family: less costs for own food and more income when selling vegetables and fruits on the market. Due to the high germination power of our seeds, people harvest abundantly and often more than necessary for their own use. In many countries it is common to preserve fruit and vegetables for the winter months. The surplus can also be shared with family and neighbors or it is sold at the local market.


Seeds are true wonders of nature, they are mini storage places for fresh and healthy food and a source of new life!

Calculation examples

Red cabbage

A bag with 2 grams of red cabbage seeds contains around 500 seeds. With a germinating power of 75%, this produces no less than 375 red cabbages. Even with a germination rate of 50%, the yield is still much more than what a family can eat.



A bag with 5 grams of onion seeds contains approximately 1750 seeds. With a germinating power of 75%, this yields more than 1300 onions.

Even with a germinating power of 50%, the yield is still more than sufficient for own use.



A bag with 4 grams of carrot seeds contains around 3000 seeds. With a germinating power of 75%, this produces more than 2200 carrots.