Frequently asked questions

A seed package for countries within Europe costs 2 euros. This package contains seeds from 7 different vegetables.
For countries outside of Europe the costs depend on the desired species and numbers.

Yes, for most countries, taking a small number of seed packets 'for your own use' is no problem.

One seedpackage is 23 x 16 x 2 cm en weighs approximately 50 gram.

Approximately 500 m2 of land is needed for 1 seed package with 7 types of vegetables.

Germination power (or germination rate) is the percentage of seeds that still germinate. This decreases as the seeds age. The conditions in which the seeds are stored also have an effect on germination. The best conditions for storing seeds are cool, dry and dark.

The 'expiry date' that is stated on the bags is a mandatory indication, but if the seeds are stored cool and dry, they can still be used well for many years after this date. However, the germination rate will decrease after a few years. Seeds can best be stored in a cold place, the colder the better.

Because of the combination of large-scale purchasing of seeds and non-profit delivery.

We work on a non-profit basis and deliver our seeds for a low price. Discounts are only given if project-oriented donations have been received via ORA Foundation.

Yes, that's possible. Then transfer your gift to ORA Foundation in Nieuwleusen - NL55INGB0002331201- attn. World Seed Program.
ORA sends vegetable seeds to projects in 10 countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. ORA is an independent foundation with a PBO (Public Benefit Organization) accreditation.

World Seed Program is not a foundation and therefore does not meet the requirements for the PBO (Public Benefit Organization) accreditation. World Seed Program is a social enterprise, a social enterprise:

  • primarily has a social mission;
  • realizes that goal as an independent company;
  • is financially self-sufficient;
  • is social in the way the company is run.

As long as supplies last, we add a bag of flower seeds to each seed package. In addition to food for the stomach, one also receives food for the soul through the beauty of flowers. The bags of flower seeds are paid for through sponsorship.

We are very happy with the new design, this is made by Marlinde van den Brink. (facebook: Vrolijk met Verf).

From 2009 to 2018 we supplied uniform seed packages to mainly European countries under the name MercySeeds.
From 2019 we deliver custom-made packages to countries all over the world under the name World Seed Program.